Join the Band!  

About the Bands    

At Hehnly School, students in fourth and fifth grade are invited to join band in addition to their weekly classroom music experience. Students who join band receive weekly 30 minute group lessons on their instrument in addition to a large-group morning rehearsals. Group lessons take place during the school day (students are responsible for maintaining an acceptable level of classwork), and large group rehearsals take place before school one day each week.

  How to Join    

At the end of the school year, upcoming 4th and 5th graders are invited to join band via a letter that is sent home. Returning the letter in time with each student's top 3 choices of instrument as well as a parent signature assures a student's involvement in the program.

     If a student changes there mind over the summer, or is unable to complete a form on time, don't worry! Students are given a second opportunity to sign up for band in September.

     All paperwork necessary to join band can be downloaded below. Copies can also be picked up from Miss. Bowers.

Lessons Schedule 2015-2016

For those students who have signed up for band, the lesson schedule for the year is below. As a reminder, students are taken out of class for 30 minutes for their lesson. Each student is responsible for what they miss in class during the time of their lesson.


Schedule Key: 

(green) = First year students

5 (blue) = Second year students

Fl. = Flute

Cl. = Clarinet

Sax. = Alto Saxophone

FH = French Horn

Tbn. = Trombone

Perc. = Percussion

A vs. B

First year students playing flute, clarinet and trumpet will be divided into 2 lesson groups: A & B. Each student has already been assigned to a group.

Flyers for Band

Below are flyers that have gone home regarding the band program. If you can't find something, please feel free to contact me via email, and I'll send it to you :)

For those students who have already signed up for an instrument, this packet is for you! It gives you all the information needed to join the band program.

This letter discusses (and provides) the lessons schedule for the 2015-2016 school year. This went home in Friday folders on 09/18/15

 Important Dates   

Test for students in the instrumental program come in a different form. All students are required to attend concerts after school: Winter Concert, Band Bonanza, and Spring Concert. The Winter and Spring Concerts are exclusively Hehnly and take place at 7 p.m. at ALJ High School. Band Bonanza is a district wide event

Wednesday, December 16: Winter Concert


Wednesday, April 13: Band Bonanza


Wednesday, June 1: Spring Concert