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Recorder Karate is a “highly motivational method for young players”. Throughout the spring, students will learn new pitches and rhythms on their recorders. Following the introduction of a new topic, students will be asked to practice certain songs on the recorder. Once the song has been practiced and can be performed, students will have the opportunity to perform the song (in a group of 3-4) for a Karate Belt. There are 6 songs that students must play that come with different colored belts. The ultimate achievement is the black belt, which can be attained by playing one of the most difficult songs on the recorder. Students will have the entire spring to achieve all belts.

Make a Recorder at Home!

Where to Buy a Recorder?


Extra Practice

1. West Music

Harmony Traditional Style Blue Translucent 2-Piece Soprano Recorder (these are the same as the ones owned by Parsons)

Yamaha YRS-20BB 3 Piece Soprano Recorder

2. Amazon

You can purchase any Soprano Recorder. Here are some suggested links:


*Please note: Harmony Recorders are no longer sold on Amazon