Where Can I Rent My Instrument?


Clark Public Schools works with a few music stores in the area. I highly recommend renting instruments from only these stores. 

They are:

Elefante Music & School for the Performing Arts

1790 Springfield Ave., Providence

Phone: (908) 464-5928


Elefante is our new instrument vendor. They have been serving surrounding districts for years, and we are excited to have a partnership with them. The shop allows you to rent an instrument by a paper contract, visiting the store, or going online. The store is stocked with musical equipment and accessories. It’s a one-stop-shop!

Scotch Plains Music Center

413 Park Ave, Scotch Plains

Phone: (908)-322-07542


SPMC is a great location for musical equipment and accessories. If your child is in need of more reeds, valve oil, the lessons book or is interested in playing music outside of the method book, this is the place to go. Students can rent their instruments from here as well

City Music Center

1181 US Route 22 E, Mountainside

Phone: (908) 245-7122


CMC is our past vendor. City Music Center has become a member of a corporate company, National Educational Music Company. You can rent instruments from City Music Center online (www.citymusiccenter.com) or by visiting the store. When ordering from City Music Center, method books are included

Loria Music

298 W. Grand Ave, Rahway

Phone: (732)-388-8873


This is yet another music store in the area where instruments can be rented or accessories bought.

Renting/buying equipment from other companies is acceptable. Please contact me before purchasing an instrument. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me before renting or purchasing an instrument. Please note that the quality of instruments bought at non-music stores can be questionable, and in some cases cannot be repaired by the aforementioned vendors.


Acceptable brands:

Woodwinds: Armstrong, Artley, Emerson, Selmer, Yamaha, Buescher, Conn, King, W. Schreiber

Brass: Bach, Benge, King, Holton, Conn

Percussion: Ludwig, Pearl, Yamaha


What if my child’s instrument breaks throughout the year?

First, have your child bring it in to school so I can check it. At this point, if it does need repairs, I will contact the parent/guardian to discuss what needs to be done. Upon parent/guardian approval, I will send the instrument to Elefante Music to be repaired. The parent/guardian should then contact Elefante so they can give you an estimate on how much the repair will cost. Once the repair has been made, Elefante will drop it off at Hehnly for your student to pick up.